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Empowering People Knowledge Company aims to enhance the employability of the youth generation of the country, who are seeking for their career in HR, Payroll and Accounts domains.

We are the one stop career shop for HR Payroll & Accounts career aspirants. We offer varieties of practical training with live exposure to the real life corporate world and offers Live projects.

Empowering People Knowledge Training Institute presents a program which is modern, practical and industry-focused. Our training program will help you understand the concept of Practical HR, Payroll and Accounts Management. We will constantly improve your personality and capabilities.

Empowering People Knowledge training course and certification options rigorously define the standards of excellence and set a high bar for strategic and practical expertise in Human Resource Management.

Empowering People Knowledge Training provides customized learning and development solutions that enhance the skills of Managers, Supervisors, Leaders, and the General Workforce.

Our responsibility in human resources/ Payroll/ Accounts is to train and manage employees while remaining unbiased and in compliance with various rules and regulations. Whether it is compliance management, excel training, policies and procedures or general HR management, we are ready to share our practical experience with you.

Our Mission

To be the most dependable, successful, committed and valued HR organization to provide fastest,unique and most effective solution to every human side of the business with a smile. And to Create Quality and Competitive HR PAYROLL PROFESSIONALS who can guide, assist, manage and lead the organization to reach their goals and beyond.

We Believe In

  • Value-added expertise during and after every assignment.
  • Execute each and every assignment diligently and with integrity.
  • Adhere to the strict norms of the client's code of ethics.
  • Provide guarantee period for each and every resolution offered.
  • Get beyond the problem statement, get into your business objective.
  • Working in partnership with you.

We also give

College Training Sessions to

  • Business Schools
  • Degree Colleges
  • MBA, MSW, MHRD, PGDHRM, MCOM, College Students
  • BCOM, BBM, BBA College Students

Corporate & Industries Employees to Enhance their Knowledge in HR Payroll

  • IT Companies Employees
  • Hospitality Sector Employees
  • ITES Employees
  • Payroll Companies Employees
  • FMCG & other Manufacturing Sectors Employees
  • ITES Employees

Our Values

  • Promptness
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Knowledge
  • Commitment



Our online and offline Training Technologies provides excellent facilities.

Empowering People KNOWLEDGE provides excellent training facilities.


How to get HR / PAYROLL Job

The Writer is a HR professional with 13 years of HR Generalist experience in various renowned corporate brands like HDFC, ICICI.

This post is appropriate for those who have completed their academic qualification in HR or a Graduate who intends to shift into HR domain from another domain or a Graduate who is planning to shift into HR role.

Getting your first break

Every person wants a better company to work with. But only some of you will get this opportunity. To get into a good company, you should have diverse qualities in you.


I can get a job, if I have a MBA degree


"In today’s era, where everybody holds a master degree, MBA is just an academic certificate that can never guarantee you a job. Your selection depends on your communication skills, confidence and above of all your skill, knowledge practical exposure on HR domain."

"Your academic degree has not given you any practical knowledge about HR, it has only introduced you with HR role in 100% theoretical environment; which is not enough to get a job"

HR training in your education days plays an important role in your selection in a good company. Many students do not take their HR practical training seriously. In fact, some students get fake internship certificate. This will not help them at all. HR training is the only way by which a student gets to know about practical implementation of knowledge acquired during study. Every student should take this opportunity to gain as much as possible.

For students, who couldn’t get their first break should gain some practical knowledge with any company in the field of HR as trainee – this could be in the form of trainee-ship, with or without stipend, or being associating with any HR specialist (individual or institute) rather than wasting their time sitting at home. These practical training can help them to get the exposure into the real world of HR and will prepare them for their first break.

Many students ignore these opportunities, considering their degree, but please understand your academic degree has not given you any practical knowledge about HR, it has only introduced you with HR role in 100% theoretical environment; which is not enough to get a job, as the interview questions will be asked to check how equipped you are on practical HR. That is why it is really very important to gain HR practical exposure. Get associated with any HR specialist or institutes, learn practical HR, and get some HR practical courses.

They should keep looking for job during their training. Also there could be a chance that the same company absorbs you in case they have an opening and they like your work.


I will learn when I will get a job


"You get a job because you know the job, not because you will learn the job. Don’t waste your time looking for a job without proper knowledge and without preparation."

Lack of understanding about practical HR processes

One great challenge is to learn about HR processes and acquire more and more knowledge, especially about daily life practical scenario. HR aspirants merely get the opportunity to experience how HR works and how they function, which creates huge barrier when they goes for any interview.

I strongly recommend that every HR professional should learn various functions of HR domain, like Legal Compliance, Performance Management, Pay Roll Processing, labour laws and its implementation. This serves as base for future. If you are not aware about practical implementation process of these then you could not answer the question asked during interview and remember each and every interview is an opportunity for you. Don’t let it go.

MBA-HR – A Detail Analysis

So, you want take admission in an MBA program and then start your career in Human Resource domain. You will spend around Rs.8,00,000 for your MBA-HR program —a huge expense. But is it really worth it?

Why to take MBA

There are two principal motivators to do an MBA-HR.

  • To gain the knowledge of academic business principals
  • To get a HR job

Unfortunately 90% Indian students opt for MBA-HR to get a job and MBA is seen a gateway to get a job offer with hefty salary.

MBA Costs and Returns

MBA-HR from Top school 2nd or 3rd tier school Attend Empowering People Knowledge HR Payroll practical training & joining HR Job after Graduation
Cost Rs.10,00,000 Rs.5,00,000 Rs.3000 to 6000s
Tuition, Conveyance & other expense(Rs. 25,000 per year) Rs.50,000 Rs.50,000 Rs.0
The Salary you have NOT received because you joined MBA-HR(Assuming salary is Rs.10,000 only per month) Rs.2,40,000 Rs.2,40,000 (Earned) Rs.2,40,000
Total cost (After 2 years) (Spent) Rs.12,90,000 (Spent)Rs.7,90,000 (Earned) Rs.2,40,000
Your average salary after 2 years (Average as per industry study) Rs.45,000 pm Rs.15,000 pm Rs.10,000 pm should have been increased to Rs.15,000 in 2 years
After 5 years Rs.45,000 * 60= Rs.27,00,000 Rs.15,000 * 60= Rs.9,00,000 Rs.15,000 * 60= Rs.9,00,000
Net Profit Rs. 27,00,000-Rs.12,90,000 = Rs. 9,00,000-Rs.7,90,000 = Rs,9,00,000+ Rs.2,40,000=
Net Profit Rs.14,10,000 Rs.1,10,000 Rs. 11,40,000
Final verdict Choice#1 No choice at all Choice#2

Job scenario

  • 90% of the companies are NOT interested to recruit a HR manager ONLY with zero HR theoretical & bookish knowledge without any HR practical work knowledge.
  • 85% companies offer the same salary to an MBA-HR candidate from second or third tier MBA schools and to a graduate with knowledge of knowhow of HR functions in practical field.
  • 85% companies prefer a HR candidate equipped with knowledge of HR ground reality and real life exposure of several HR functions like, Designing HR policies, Manpower planning, Job portals searching, Managing Payrolls, Managing PF, ESI, Designing PMS system, Handling Statutory Compliances etc.


  • Please remember all MBA degrees do not carry equal importance and acceptance in industry
  • The number of colleges, universities, and business schools offering a Master's degree in Business Administration is increasing, making the space quite crowded. Unless a student earns a degree from a respectable program, it might not be as valuable as expected.
  • Companies are not interested to hire an HR Manager who earned their MBA degree from an unknown or online or distance.
  • Hence doing MBA-HR from a second or third-tier school must end up being a waste of time, money, opportunity and most of all, time.

What an organisation wants in a HR professional

  • Practical knowledge of HR domain
  • Hand on skills on HR functions on practical scenario, not bookish knowledge
  • Practical implementation expertise on various HR domain
  • Soft skills, like Communication, Decision making ability, Innovation, Networking skills etc.

Alternatives and Final Words of Wisdom before you take decision

  • If somebody cannot get opportunity into a top school for MBA-HR program, it is not advisable to jump into any MBA school to just have a degree, with no return or no career benefits.
  • If job is your main criteria and objective (Which is obviously YES), and if you do not get an opportunity into a top grade MBA-HR school, do not get panicked.
  • Get some practical experience, attend EMPOWERING PEOPLE KNOWLEDGE Training for effective HR short course, enrol yourself in a HR practical training program and learn about real life HR functions. Get some real life exposure on HR Management program and get hands on HR training on HR operation
  • Find out a HR training institute in your city who provides HR part time certification courses along with placement opportunity in HR domain.
  • Get a HR job post the Practical HR course and then get admitted into any Executive MBA program to add value to your experience to grow up in your career.
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