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Being an HR, you have many responsibilities and there are a lot of pressures entrusted in you. You are drawn towards different directions, such as, dealing with many personalities, working with law and regulations, training and motivating staff and much more. What is HR Practical training? The essential HR aspects are particularly designed to enable trainees with an elaborate comprehension of human resource management.

What the Practical training involves?

An HR Practical program stresses on skills, competencies and critical knowledge that is required by HR professionals.

Adequate know-how to help a trainee like you to scale up to the next ladder and grow into a diligent global business leader.

HR Practical training revolves around influencing you with experience and in-depth knowledge so as to make you capable of handling the core responsibilities, like legal compliance, bonus, payroll, designing CTC, PF, labor laws, ESIC, manpower planning, gratuity, etc.

The course is regulated by professionals and is mainly targeted towards catering comprehensive knowledge base for all clubbed with the highest degree of integrity.

Most importantly, the training course focuses upon the various practical concepts and at the same time implementation of the same.

The training program is designed with utmost care to help develop skills in trainees and expose them to HR attributes so as to ensure HR practices most effectively. Organizations make sure that they help design HR programs that are ideal for developing careers for individuals with dream of managing HR departments with agility. While the course is perfect as basic training for individuals, but for those who are HR professionals can also pursue it to enhance knowledge and take their abilities to the next level.

Course Module

  • 1. ESI ACT-1948 & PF ACT-1952
    a) ESI-Act, PF Bifurcation
    b) Eligibility
    c) Contributions From Both Employee & Employer
    d) ESI Filing (Monthly & Half Yearly), PF Filing ( Monthly & Yearly )
    e) ESI & PF Calculations
    f) Filling The Forms
    g) Benefits

    2. GRATUITY ACT-1972 & BONUS ACT-1965
    a) Coverage & Eligibility
    b) Calculations
    c) Tax Exemptions Limit

  • a) The pay structure
    b) Leave management (CL, EL, SL, PL )
    c) Basic, HRA, DA, Conveyance, Medical Allowance, etc
    d) ESI, PF , PT Calculations
    e) Calculation of Gross , Net salary & CTC
    f) Preparation of Break-up salary, Designing CTC and salary break up and discussion on Compensation and benefits.

    1. PT- Slab Process
    2. INCOME TAX & TDS (Salaried People)
    3. Slab Process of IT & TDS
    4. Calculation of IT & TDS for Men, Women,Senior Citizens
    5. Education Cess
    6. Routine Tax Planning
    7. Tax Exemptions Under different Sections
    8. HRA Exemption Calculations
    9. Tax Calculation Report with Investments to save Income Tax
    10. Form 16 & ITR 1
  • a) PF report in Excel sheet
    b) ESI report in Excel sheet
    c) IF Condition
    d) MIS Reports in Excel sheet.
    e) Pivot Table
    f) Auto & Custom & Text filters
    g) V-Lookup, H-lookup
    h) Freeze panes
    i) And lots more to prepare MIS Reports.

  • a) Key aspect/phases of PMS.
    b) How to set target?
    c) How to prepare competency mapping.
    d) How to design a PMS system?
    e) PMS Audit, what is the need for PMS audit.
    f) Reward & Recognition System.

  • a) on what basis training is provided?
    b) To whom training is being provided?
    c) Training Need Analysis.
    d) Training Module Design.
    e) Preparation of Training Calendar.
    f) Training Feedback analysis.

  • a) Joining Formalities and Relieving Procedure
    b) Exit Interviews.
    c) Attrition Issues.
    d) Effective Retention Policies

  • a) what’s Disciplinary Action?
    b) Definition of Misconduct/Violation of code of Conduct
    c) Preparations of Show cause notice/charge sheet.
    d) Domestic Inquiry
    e) Termination.
    f) Provision.


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