Online Advanced Accounts & Payroll Training


  • Price – Rs. 5000

  • Course type -  Online course

  • Requirements -  Skype, Headphone with mic, Team Viewer ( Set up files of Skype & Team Viewer will be given from Empowering People Knowledge Company )

  • Exam is included.

  • Certified Accounts & Payroll Professional Certificate is given


No Need to Travel, Attend Face-to-Face LIVE Classes from Anywhere in India – ViaSKYPE Web Classes

Web Conferencing is one of the latest technologies used by many universities and corporate for training purpose. The classes for this programme will be held through LIVE lectures that will be beamed online via internet to student desktops/laptops or classrooms using Skype., Team Viewer .

The training will comprise of lectures  imparted by Accounts & Payroll faculty. Students can chat real time with the faculty during the live class and Online Training Contents will be same as of Advanced Accounts & Payroll Training.

Technology has grown by leaps and bounds and no place on this Planet is non-contactable as long as it has internet connectivity. There are various methods and tools to get connected like Skype, Team Viewer etc. It has been observed that many young professionals and aspirants want to get enroll themselves in our prestigious courses but they are remotely located. Well,  for students and professionals like these, we have now an online course. The curriculum of the course would be same as its physical version, but the difference would be only that, you can study and learn even from your location. This course covers all the relevant topics that are related to Accounts & Payroll practices and norms.

For Executives who are unable to come down to Bangalore, we have an easier option called Online Training, where it is possible for them to take up the course online. This online training is exclusively designed to bridge the gap and helps the executives to take up training from any corner of the country at their ease of flexible timings.

Further this online training, is through voice chatting and will be similar to the class room training and you will not be missing any important part of the training.

Time allotments for voice chatting will be flexible and could be any time between Monday to Sunday which is comfortable for you and our faculty’s time schedule.

Who is it for?

Want to open the door to working in Payroll / ACCOUNTS ? Starting our ACCOUNTS & Payroll Course Computerized Payroll for Business will enhance your career potentials and give you the skills and knowledge you need to get started in ACCOUNTS /Payroll.

Accounts & Payroll is a vital role within any organization. A career in payroll means specializing in a niche field with excellent progression opportunities.

What jobs will I qualify for?

  • Accounts Executive

  • Accounts Team Lead

  • Accounts Manager

  • Senior Accountant

  • Senior Accounts Manager

  • Payroll Executive

  • Payroll Team Leader

  • Payroll Manager

When can I start?

You can Enroll at any time – Start today.

Are there any requirements?

There are no formal entry requirements for this course. keen interest in payroll/Accounts is desirable.

You will need a PC/Laptop with Window XP(SP3) operating system or higher, Camera if possible, Headphone with mic, .& 1 mbps Internet Speed ,Rough Book for Calculation.

EMPOWERING PEOPLE KNOWLEDGE COMPANY offers complete, committed and planned practical training by eminent professionals and assures providing vast exposure in all the statutory areas within a short period, which will not be possible normally during the tenure of employment.

During the training candidates will be given exposure on


Basic Concepts of Computerized & Manual Accounting, Receipt /Payment /Journal /Contra Entries & Vouchers Preparation.Stock  Valuation, Account Finalisation (Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss A/C), Inventories’ entry, Adjustments Entries , Cost centre Calculations and Reports.

2. VAT

Complete rules, procedures, Input VAT Entries, fillings forms & formats.


Acts, Rules & Responsibilities & Forms., Online Payment of Service Tax


Covering all responsibilities of the accounts person with relation to bank transactions, Bank Reconciliation Statements

Course Module

  • 1. ESI ACT-1948 & PF ACT-1952

    • a) ESI-Act, PF Bifurcation
    • b) Eligibility
    • c) Contributions From Both Employee & Employer
    • d) ESI Filing (Monthly & Half Yearly), PF Filing ( Monthly & Yearly )
    • e) ESI & PF Calculations
    • f) Filling The Forms
    • g) Benefits

    2. GRATUITY ACT-1972 & BONUS ACT-1965

    a) Coverage & Eligibility
    b) Calculations
    c) Tax Exemptions Limit

  • a) The pay structure
    b) Leave management (CL, EL, SL, PL )
    c) Basic, HRA, DA, Conveyance, Medical Allowance, etc
    d) ESI, PF , PT Calculations
    e) Calculation of Gross , Net salary & CTC
    f) Preparation of Break-up salary, Designing CTC and salary break up and discussion on Compensation and benefits.

  • a) PT- Slab Process

    b) INCOME TAX & TDS (Salaried People)

    c) Slab Process of IT & TDS

    d) Calculation of IT & TDS for Men, Women,Senior Citizens

    e) Education Cess

    f) Routine Tax Planning

    g) Tax Exemptions Under different Sections

    h) HRA Exemption Calculations

    i) Tax Calculation Report with Investments to save Income Tax

    J) Form 16 & ITR 1

    k) TDS on Professional Consultancy Services, Rent Payments, Contract Payments.

  • a) PF report in Excel sheet
    b) ESI report in Excel sheet
    c) IF Condition
    d) MIS Reports in Excel sheet.
    e) Pivot Table
    f) Auto & Custom & Text filters
    g) V-Lookup, H-lookup
    h) Freeze panes
    i) And lots more to prepare MIS Reports.



• Frequently asked questions in all statutory, IT, VAT, Service Tax, ESI, Payroll topics

• Assignments and projects.

• Discussion on Interview Skills.

• CV Revision in a professional approach.

• Excellent Practical oriented course material will be provided for all the topics.

You’ll have in-depth knowledge on all the areas of PF, ESI, PT, Payroll structure, Calculations Forms, Formats & Due dates,etc., including Income Tax, TDS & Tax Planning for employees up to Form 16 & ITR 1



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